Not having much luck investing at tax sale? You need a way around it, because tax sale property is by far the best type to invest in. If you know what you’re doing, you can get it for less than a rent payment. Buying tax property outside the auction means little competition. Here’s how.

1. Leave tax sale to those that don’t know better. Too many competitors. Everyone and his brother is at the tax sale these days – this means no good deals. Also, this property is risky to buy. You can’t inspect it first, more than doing a drive-by. Even if it looks good from the outside, it could have major issues inside. This is all fine and good – you’re going to avoid those problems by buying outside of the foreclosure sale.

2. You’ll be able to get a lot of properties at the end of the redemption year after tax sale. Most property with liens and mortgages has been paid off by now. The owners that still haven’t redeemed are probably planning to let the property go to the government. Owners at this stage of the game will be easy to buy from.

3. Determine who the owners are, and locate them. Believe it or not, these owners are often on Facebook or MySpace. Next, contact the owners (via phone, if at all possible).

4. Offer to buy the deed. Offer them $200 for their time in signing the paperwork. Believe it or not, they’ll often be happy to agree. They are glad to have the process done sooner.

5. Now, redeem the property – or sell it. If you’ve got the money, you can pay the taxes and hang on to the property. Or sell right away, take your earnings (thousands!), and move on to the next property deal. The above method is the only surefire way to get tax property for $200. And with so many foreclosures occurring, this is an amazing time to break into tax investing.  Click here for more info


Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make money in real estate. If you know what you’re doing, you definitely can. If you can determine the best homes to buy, the best time to buy them, and how to get them, you’ll be on a fast track to success. This “secret” property is tax foreclosure property – but the real secret is in how to get it outside the auction for $200 or less.

If you’re thinking of buying property at tax auction, stop right there. Competing with other bidders is a recipe for paying the highest possible price for property. Also, you can’t inspect homes before bidding on them – you just have to take your chances. And the final straw? The owners redeem 95% of the time. Sorry!

This doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal on tax property. About three months before the end of the redemption period, you’ll approach the owners themselves. The owners remaining at this point either don’t want the property, or can’t pay the taxes.

These are the owners that will sell to you for cheap. These are often absentee owners that just want the property gone. You don’t need to do much else but ask, and these folks will sign over the deed. Offer them $200 to sign the documents. Once the deed is signed over, you can then redeem the property and keep it – or sell and let the new buyer pay the taxes.

This technique is a winner. Has there ever been a better time to get started? Don’t put it off another day.

One more BIG tip before you go… the owner of the foreclosed property is almost always entitled to any amount paid over what they owed in back taxes. Too often, the delinquent owners don’t know they can get the money. They often never find out, since they don’t live at the tax sale property anymore. Unfortunately for the owner, if they don’t collect the money in time, they’ll lose it – permanently.

Here’s the loophole for you: in most places these funds aren’t subject to state finder’s fee laws. That means that by helping these owners collect their forgotten money, you can charge up to 50% as a finder’s fee. And since these overages are often for high amounts, you can easily make a huge income from them. Click here for more info


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